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Article GenteToday. Venezuela. Published October 22nd, 2018

Transient Passengers officialy an Academy Award Finalist for the Oscars!

September 13, 2018

We're happy to announce that Transient Passengers is officially a student Academy Award Finalist in the Alternative Category. 

Congrats to the whole cast and crew that made this possible!

What makes Daniela Azuaje an essential part of this cast is how she was able to exhibit the qualities of a leading woman combined with the refined subtleties of a character actor. 

They truly had fun and were all committed to their work, again, 


Daniela Azuaje in the lead role of Inmortal Warrior

September 11, 2018

Guerrera Inmortal is a play were the superstar La Nena Marce has an existential crisis because she can't leave her house without make up. A comedy of errors that you cannot miss. 

Will be presented October 4th - 7th at 7pm at the Marylin Monroe Theatre in West Hollywood, CA


Written by Prakriti Maduro. Directed by Pakriti Maduro & Veronica Osorio. 

Cast Daniela Azuaje & María Elena Heredia.

Short Film about protests of 2014 is finalist for U.S BAFTA Awards

June 02, 2016

Los Ángeles.- The Short Film Spark, written and directed by mexican-american, Juan Martinez Vera was selected after 245 films been submitted, they got into the top 10 finalists for the BAFTA US Student Film Award. The film will be presented in one special screening at the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Preforming Arts in Beverly Hills, June 16th as part of the event that tributes the best work of the film students of the United States.

Daniela Azuaje chosen for the Nosotros/ABC Workshop 2016

May 26, 2016

Congratulations to those chosen for the NOSOTROS / ABC Workshop. We will be sending more information to your individual emails. If you were not chosen, we encourage you to submit directly to ABC for an opportunity to audition for the showcase this year. Submissions must be postmarked by June 3rd and more information on exactly how to send in your submissions can be found on the ABC Casting Facebook page. 

A great start to a busy year!

May 01, 2016

After "Sophia's Song", "Spark" and "Fatal Impulses" I am excited to begin shooting for "Nuclear". This short film is set in the '70s on the edge of cultural revolution, where an unlikely partnership explores the bond between history and family. I will be playing Paz, a young pregnant immigrant trying to survive in San Fransisco.

Make sure to follow me on social media and stay updated will all my upcoming projects!

Starring in Fatal Impulses for the Los Angeles 48 Hour Film Project

April 29, 2016

In just 48 hours, team Sanchez-Molina and Bodkin Pictures (viaCicero Entertainment) put together an incredible short, where I starred as Maria Bootley, a wife desperate for affection willing to go to the extremes for her husband's attention! "Fatal Impulses" premiered on April 24th at Regal Cinemas as part of the 48 Hour Film Project. Directed by Stefanie Bodkin, this short film advanced to the second round of the Audience Choice Awards, rising above nothing short of 88 films! Click the button below to watch the trailer.

Venezuelan gets the lead role in a film. Los Angeles

April 07, 2016

...Miss Azuaje took the lead in the movie Sophia's Song which talks about domestic violence affecting Sophia, a dancer, dreamer, in loved with her boyfriend Charlie, who abuses her physically, emotionally and psychologically.

It's a story intended to create awareness, this can happen to anyone and without notice. "My character is that voicethat represents every women and men of all social classes that are afraid of talking, because they are ashamed, scared of what others may say, or for fear of breaking the family apart" Daniela said...


Daniela Azuaje "I'm a warrior of Justice"

April 05, 2016

The young Venezuelan actress Daniela Azuaje continues succeding in the competitive world of acting in the city of Los Angeles, where she was just selected, after going through a complicated casting process to lead the short film Appalling, which describes the story of a woman who is surprised by an unexpected visitor when she tries to leave the parking lot of her workplace.


April 01, 2016

Spark is featured by big artists like Gabriel Tarantini, Carlos Montilla and Ileanna Simancas.

The student protests of 2014 have created social criticism like the ones shown in the short film directed by Juan Martinez Vera, Spark. An audiovisual project produced by the Sloan Foundation and the University of Southern California which included the participation of Venezuelan artists like Gabriel Tarantini, Carlos Montilla and Ileanna Simancas in the making.

Concerning this, Simancas stated that she decided to be part of this movie due to her concerns about the future of the country, even though she decided to leave Venezuela more than 20 years ago.

"I'm not a political woman, but a woman of justice, and if I see that speaking out loud I can make a change on what I think is just, then I do it. My voice is art, that's why I joined this team and this story, to be able to say outside the borders what's going on in it through the seventh art. It's a short film, which makes us be 'very short' in setting a full picture", the actress said.

We have to remember that during the student protests in February of 2014, technology played a leading role, something that with no doubt is a key aspect of the main focus of Spark.

"Can you imagine what would February 12th have been liked without the Internet? Without Twitter or Facebook? Without WhatsApp or Zello? It would have never been what it was. What we call Spark in the movie is based on FireChat, which was used in the protests of Hong Kong, at the same time the Venezuelan ones were happening. The same day that the opposing majority won in the National Assembly (NA), FireChat was the most downloaded app in the country", the Venezuelan explained.


Concerning the importance of the movie, she ensured that it is a way to take the message to the ones living abroad. "The moment the international community focused on Venezuela, things started to change. I think that was the big achievement of February 12th and the following days", she said.

The actress stated that even though she expects the movie to be projected in festivals in other countries, it will be present in the most important ones in the United States.

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